Always in my Head


I hate being around people.

I hate being alone.

I hate everybody and everything.

But please don't let me go.


I'm traped in my head.

Stuck in my day-dreams

I feel like no one understands.

What it is like to be me.


I'm happy for a moment.

I'm always almost about to cry.

But the day-dreaming helps

I know it keeps me alive


A world were I control

the outcomes of things

A world were no one is mean

and there is no shame.


I flash back to real life

with my friend right beside me.

She is the only person

would always has light.


She gets me out of my head

just for a moment.

And lets me know 

That someday all of this Crap will be worth it.



You sound like me. I've made it so far by letting God be my best friend I'm 32 years old now. He blessed my life in ways to cheer me up from these evil heartless assholes U see everywhere. I wore black cause I was in morning over it. Making friends with God will save it life. Be respectful of his son Jesus when U talk to him.

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