What does alone mean?
A child who’s love was keen
Although it was only he who took part,
Like that of Poe’s childhood art.
No, alone is when you’re wrapped in your loved ones arms
After they have just torn away the most important part of you.
Alone is when they’ve left and you sink to the floor,
Unaware of everything else that is going on around you.
Alone is when you just sit there
Teary eyed, racking with uncontrollable sobs
With no one to turn to.
A week of endless fighting
A week of emotional aging
Three months have come and gone
So I just sit there, on
A dirty school floor
And watch you walk right out of my life’s door.
So no Poe you are mistaken
When you say that love is childhood’s loneliness.
Alone is trying to get over a mountain
Of grief that fills the canvas
Of my life with a sticky mess.


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