All Your Bullets


United States
38° 18' 59.0184" N, 82° 37' 36.246" W

Little ones inside your graves
futures taken before they were made
you don't deserve to leave this way

people praise your fallen status
in the name of vengence and hate
claiming god told them to be this way

tears falling drowned out your yells
so selfish of you to make this about yourselves
how would you feel when faced with shells

little angels take your flight
hearts are broken for your plight
stop those bullets
from leaving ignorant mouths tonight

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fuck westboro crazies

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

as a community

we need to voice and address gun violence

it has impacted our lives all over the world

keep writing and also, write about what you can do to prevent gun violence


You should really check out this rolling stone article I read about a young man and his friends who were shot at and one was killed because his music was too loud! This happened in a stand your ground state. Sad stuff but it really does point out some of the major issues with guns in america. Thanks for your support!

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