For all we know

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 21:33 -- Helen13

For all we know

When I hear your voice I was captivated by it ,

All the men that have come to my life were unreliable

For you were the only one in which have seen me with different eyes.

I thought of myself as someone with no future towards affection

Appearance wasn’t my virtue, for my knowledge I was blessed


Coming along you came, for you were different than the rest

A moth in a field on flowers, uncertain of  what happens next

You had many before, appearances that weren’t like mine

But then again that was a risk I would take


Friendship that didn’t take much to arrive to another stage

I came to think we had a chance but it all seem as you had other plans

Two months it took for me to realize you weren’t who I thought you were

You were better but seems as your pride and youth was to far to realize who you really are


With simple words you ended what you started,

"I think we should break up", you said and that was it

Didn’t take long for me to see I was just one more in the list

Friendships that I lost contact with, I honestly didn’t regret, but that’s something you will never know


You were the first and my last in my high school journey

And I will keep it that way for this is my last year that I will see you

I have too much pride to talk to you first, but anything can change

And to think that we were once friends, for all we know your may be like the rest.








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