All That Remains

When you’re suffocated

The world just caves in

collapsing into your every heaving breath

and suddenly-


you’re drowning in another world

in embraces that check your tongue;

in ways you couldn’t have fathomed. 

And yet-

like an ignorant idiot individually invisible

to the naked eye

your tongue is leashed to your throat. 


Sickening isn’t it?

Wanting to say so much and 


the fearful pounding of an otherwise soft heart

cuts you off from every single atom 

in the world. 

Sickening isn’t it?

Having to put oneself at the hands of cruel lips

and cruel eyes of cruel hearts. 

Though they all say it is a choice?

Though they all say you place yourself

in such a situation to be treated like toys?

so the fire erupts and devours what you cannot say

and let them call you a coward

so when you’re left on your own to suffocate in suffering,


is, is not the question

But now it is truly your fault. 


But listen, listen

take that aching pulsing heart

that rushes blood of acid down your veins

Cut it off,

YOU are all that remains. 


Do you hear yourself?

YOU are all that remains. 




This poem is about: 
My family


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