All Part of Growing Up


School is a place of learning
Where we do much exploring
Around this one globe
Without leaving home

Everyday we read then write
Memorize grammar just right
Our confidence should bloom
And not turn into gloom

Sometimes it feels quite wrong
When she makes me less strong
But I continue on with my studies
And I hope one day I'll meet some buddies

I cannot follow your lessons now
She came up to me and pushed me down
It hurt and now I better leave for awhile
Yes, I will be sure to come to school tomorrow

You said this is how I will learn to grow up
By ignoring bad people and other stuff
Thank you so much, teacher
For my new future

Things are not going well
I can't escape this Hell
She is never going to stop
Can't you help and just tell her off?

I feel lonely at school today
None of my nice friends ever stay
She is like a stalking monster
And knows that no one will stop her

I'm failing all my classes
While she gets all the passes
I don't want to become a bad child
But I'm afraid I cannot stay mild

I found that I can hurt others too
Just like what she did before, it's true!
You were right all this time
I grew up all just fine



I apologize if there are any mistakes in conventions. Please feel free to critique and give feedback. I created this poem from scratch; from my mind to the text box.

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