All it cost Her

Thu, 11/07/2019 - 16:53 -- kItt

She saw beauty in your scars and wickedness in your eyes.

She found a certain side of you that danced with the demons at her side.

She called them friend yet kept them from you, for the darkness was to brutal to be subdued.

She held her standards to the highest of manors, and told her people she wouldn't canter.

She tightened her braids and straightened her crown. The land was hers and each bowed down.

She had found her way to the enemies gates; approaching causally like it was hers to take.

She unsleathed her sword and pointed it higher, her might of thousands unfolded before her.

She took the castle and all its wealth, leading her kingdom to be in good health.

She started a war when they wanted a battle.

She won her right to show women are more than cattle.

She forged a fued so deep and true many mistook her for having the flu.

She was not sick or of any ill will she simple had a kingdom to steal.

She took enemies fortunes, and lands for her own importance.

She planned to create the greatest kingdom of the land, with one more force at hand.

She rode into battle just like any other, nothing was different or even a bother.

She drew her sword, the troops awaiting her order but she saw no army standing before her.

She eyed the single being that stood there before her, with the same eyes and hair of her brother.

She eyed her brother whose demons danced with her own, and burned brightly more closely there ever alone.

She dismounted her horse as she walked up the hill to meet him alone, keeping a good poker face on for show.

She harden her heart from this tricksters lies, and kept herself safe behind her eyes.

She would trick her brother in to thinking this was for him. That she won all these battle on a good whim.

She greeted him like a friend, as he too seemed friendly. The two undoubtedly both hated this naturally.

She wanted the Kingdom and the throne, he wanted her to be free of that burden alone.

She took her brother in one last embrace, patting his back for her past mistakes.

She said she was sorry as he too whispered things into her ear, each more pleasant than the next to hear.

She spoke of their terrible past. He spoke of their future when he was the ruler.

She broke their hug as she brought out the dagger he had given her in their last encounter.

She stabbed his heart trid and true. As he stated "Remember my last words to you."

She remembered and recited them with all her might to not fail.

She spoke with her face getting pale. "With this dagger that I give to you, you must think of what it'll cost you."

She felt a tear fall from her eyes as she thought back to all the childhood memories of her brother alive. He was never meant to rule with anyone at his side. He was to kind to ever be King with snakes, and demons around every corner of the castle, especially the King.

She turned towards her army and raised the dagger high, with scarlet blood already beginning to dry. The army cheered in victory, as the triumphant begun. The King was dead, they had won.

She had murdered her brother who would have brought enemies into their walls for fun. Ruining their country creating wars of none.

She would keep her Kingdom safe inside its walls. All it cost her was her humanity, that's all.

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