All I Would Need.

The one thing I can't live without would have to be an unlimited supply of paper and pens. I don't really write any good stories or poems or anything in general, but I like to write. I write things that probably won't make sense to anyone else but myself. I think that's ok though because you have your thoughts written down and feel more relieved with the thought that even if no one understands those thoughts aren't just stuck in your head but somewhere else. Another reason would probably be because I have a weird imagination. I am sometimes optimistic but have thoughts of the worst case scenarios which to me makes no sense at all. If I have something on my mind or feel like I need to say out loud I write it down. Most things I keep to myself because maybe I have no pen and paper or I'm working on an assignment and don't want to write my thoughts on it becuase that would just be very weird. It will switch from writing a summary about The Canterbury Tales in my English class to 'Why is banana called banana and not watermelon' which has literally been some of my thoughts. So if I had to choose something I couldn't live without it would be an unlimited supply of pen and paper.

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