All I See






















We’ve lost the touch of history, you see

Where’s the truth? I can’t find it?

Stuck in the glorified puddles of a White Man’s history

I was too caught up, you see


In my own ignorance, I flourished

One would contradict the other, but I would know

Didn’t I know? What was taught to me by a different voice, a different face?

Who do I trust? Oh, but I still flourished


They’re both the same.

Spouting lies that I can’t debate

If it’s in a book it must be true

Isn’t that the case?


I tell them, I scream

I say nothing

Isn’t that how it’s meant to be?

All I see are faces


What am I meant to know?

What am I meant to see?

Do not lie to me, I can see.

It’s all I see, the faces.


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