All I Need...Is Knowledge

When I saw the prompt for this wonderful poem,

I thought to myself, "Now what can I show them?

Shall I be brave and smart, or strong and heroic?

Or shall I be a normal teenager and just be stoic?"

No, I will show them what I can really do,

I'm on a deserted island, now there's the clue.

I must be smart to make it out alive,

And I know I would make it because I have the drive.


A scientist is what I would bring to help me on my way,

Maybe this would prolong our ever-waiting doomsday.

We would make rescources to help keep us going,

And maybe build some shelter that would constantly be growing.

We would live in our world waiting day by day,

Just lying on the sand by the ocean bay.

We would sit and stare at the the vastness before us,

And wonder if anyone could ever adjust,

To the way we were living on this island all alone,

And wonder if we would get back to the world we had known.

We may not have much, not a big cast or crew,

But at least it would be nice to have someone to talk to.


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