All I Needed was an ear


Arriving at this place filled with fear and competition

Feeling inept, inadequate, unfit and incapable

I hid behind my worries, my scares and even me, bare

I didn't like me, embarrassed, couldn't handle a stare

I felt small, unimportant: a vicious cycle 

Didn't want to be seen or even less look into your eyes

You'd see the gruesome slaying occurring in my mind

I think to myself, "why you so harsh to yourself?..."

All I needed was a friend, a soul or anyone who'd care.

My light became dim, not visible by those around

but since every start has an end

The one I once was had begun 

Of what I had built the remnants prevailed 

and that's who I am:

The warrior who never derailed

The one whose determination carried her self





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