All I Need Is You

Many people say that they cannot live without their phones or game consoles or other items that are not nessecities. Many people say they cannot live without food or water so you will not starve or malnourish. Also, most people say that they cannot live without their immediate family. For instance, their mother, father, sister, or brother. But even after everything that has been listed, you wanna know what all I need? Air. How am I suppose to breathe with no air? How will I be able to live? Oxygen is the absolute best thing that has happened to me. If there was no air, then how will be able to play these video game or use social media? Without air, how will be able to eat and drink every day and night? And without air, how will I even be able to say "I love you," to my immediate family plus the people I care about? We take our oxygen for granted and forget that it is the reason why we are living. Many people care too much about getting paid without even thinking of the consequences of cutting down trees at the largest rain forest in the world that gives us two-thirds of our oxygen. Some people do not realize that the carbon monoxide coming from the pollution we make goes through a cycle in the trees to produce clean oxygen for us to breathe. Just for that, you repay them by cutting them down? I just want to take a moment to thank the air for letting me breathe. There may be some days where there is a little pollution in the air, but the oxygen overpowers it all.

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