All I Need is Hope

I know you are gone

And I know you’d want me to carry on.

I really want to make you proud

But I seem to be stuck in this black cloud.

Dad when you passed that day,

I only wanted the pain to go away.

Mom when I realized you were gone

I had no clue how to carry on.

I did not know what I would need

I only knew I had to succeed.

I knew I could not lose my way

So I fought my hardest every single day.

I realize now that all I need

Is someone who will simply believe

All I need is my faith

I know you guys are in a better place.

I try my hardest, I make good grades

But I can’t afford to get out of this place.

All I need is a little hope

I need hope that this is not the end of my road.

All I need is for the world to know,

I need them to know just how far I’ll go.

All I need is a little help along the way,

I promise you I will succeed someday.

This poem is about: 
My family


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