All I Need

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 23:02 -- venzlex

Washed away, 

thrown away,

they’re not so different.

And I don’t need much.
Washed away,

cast away,

thrown away,

gone away,

I just need one thing.  


I don’t need time,

I’ve got as much as ever.

I don’t need money,

I’ve got nothing to spend it on.

I don’t need a car,

I’ve got nowhere to drive it.

I don’t need technology,

I probably won’t have a signal anyways. 

I need something that will always keep me going. 


The one thing always in my mind,

the one thing that captures my mood,


I need music wherever I go. 

I can do so much with something so simple.

Give me music,

I can dance.

Give me music,

I’ll sing you a song.

Give me music, 

I will perform. 


The type is vast,

the artist is any,

I need music in more ways than many.

The possibilities are infinite.

Music speaks, 

when no one else needs to.


Mad and sad,

happy and glad,

music has no bearing.

Music will not judge you for all that you aren’t,

it will show you all that you are. 

Music can cherish you,

like the most beautiful jewel,

just waiting to be discovered.


Stranded as I may be,

give me music,

and I’ll compose you for a lifetime. 



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