All I Need

At the risk of sounding cliche,  

All I need is money,  

It is really quite funny  

How need works out...  

Yes I know for sure,  

Without a doubt,  

That all I need is money,  


With money all my dreams   

Become reality,  

No goal too far  

No mission impossible,  

Game design doable,  

Black Unity attainable,  

Full Haitian recovery  


My race   


My success unstoppable...  


Yes, Yes!  

With money all my dreams  

Become reality...Unless  


 I am swindled of my  

Fortune or Integrity,  

Respect or values,  

Life or limb,  

My happiness transitioned,  

From me,  

By an unseen, Grimm...  


I must admit now  

I have told a lie,  


Money is all well and good  

And can buy my dreams   

Post-Haste   ||  

But knowledge, is the   


The meal with savory taste,  


Search and endeavor,  

For any other   

Can only be a waste,  


For money last as   

Long as it's quantity,  

But knowledge is a matter of quality,  

Who's power of duality and  

Ingenuity go unmatched,  

Making it invaluable to this wretch,  

For without its unlimited power   

In my arsenal,  

The longevity of my success   

Will always be tentative and changeable.



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