All I Need

All I Need


All I need 

It's not so simple 

I'm a small being in a vast universe, 

Developing who I am everyday 


All I need, 

Well, that changes everyday 

Before it used to be self-confidence, 

Being able to look in the mirror and feel okay


All I needed,

Was to get an A 

To pass the class, 

Raise my GPA


All I needed, 

Was for the boy just to pay attention to me,

To whisper sweet nothings,

And make me feel wanted


All I needed,

Was to land an interview, 

To have a chance, 

To get the job


That's not all I need today

All I need today is opportunity 

The opportunity to start my life

To fall into my path, to follow my dreams


All anyone needs is an opportunity to come along

All I needed, it changed every day

But all I need now, 

It's an opportunity

This poem is about: 
Our world


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