"All I Need"

All I need is the love of my God

For He will keep me safe and secure

From the hands of the arrogant

That thrive from the devil’s hand

His kindness will keep me warm

Through the cold nights of a winter storm

And the cool breeze of a summer's morn


All I Need is the sun’s healthy glow

To wake me from my deep slumber

From the eve late before

When I watched the stars and dreamed a heavenly dream

And witnessed the morning slowly approach

As the earth danced at the sight of its gleam

And all the dandelions danced at the seams


All I need is the welcome of a rich home

Rich in family, love, and laughter

One that will offer nothing but good vibes

An open ear when my voice can't be heard

Outstretched arms when the days get long

And the sweet sound of a family song

A sense of belonging that has been there all along


All I need is a good friend's advice

To help me surpass the raging storm

One who can laugh at life’s taboos

And cry at its simplest forms

With a friend I don’t have to fear

Because I know when I need them, they'll be near

For their loyalty is what I hold so dear


I don’t need lifes riches and galore

All I need is right with me, now and forever more.


This poem is about: 
My family
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