All That Glitters


I once saw a child whose eyes were wild

Hyper little thing with dreams and hopes in the mind

Running, running, jumping, playing, smiling

Her world had talking stuffed toys, adventures filled with imagination

Dreams worth guarding

All that glittered was innocence


Running, running, she held her bear

Running, running, she knew not where

They chased her, the violence, the abuse, the despair

When they got her they stole her happiness, innocence, her friend the bear

Nothing glittered, but she searched

They said her innocence was nowhere


I once saw a girl, society said she was a rebel

(I saw a being with hopes and dreams shattered by a hard life)

The righteous said she now belonged to the devil

(Others said she needed a friend but they never volunteered)

No one cared for the dim, not even if she once glittered so bright

They isolated her claiming they were all right


Then a Person came along

Made kindness and understanding stand strong

Took her by the mind and made it flourish with hope

This Person said, “Leave the children alone”

That is when the whole world realized that a child’s world wasn’t meant

For fear, hate, and distress

So the adult world was separated from the land of play

She who was abused found her way

Back home where she was accepted, the children invited her to play

Her bear was now bigger with open arms, she hugged him, I’m here to stay

And the Person who made this happen was



And Everyone

We changed the world and made it fun


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