All Because Of You

Why must you hurt me?

I've done nothing to you,

all of the pain and suffering,

all because of you,

you treat me like a toy,

that was meant to be destroyed,

every single line,

you would play coy,

I don't want to be in your playground,

as you make me fall,

fall to the ground, all in fall,

I just wish you would leave me alone,

please, don't act like a phone,

all the words in your script,

always take a sip as it crept me in the dark,

always starting a spark in my heart,

stomping all the thoughts, making them swoll,

"dear me, dear me, why can't you see?

It seems like God is coming for me,

save me, save me, end my suffering,"

I say, as I end up crying,

"I hate you, I hate you,

you're bothering me,

run away like Bonnie,

stay away or I'll hit your face," I say as I left and take a break,

All in winter, you hurt me like a splinter,

not allowing me to break free,

as your chains kept a grip on me,

dragging me down to what it seems like your hell,

I wouldn't blame as it seems that is the place that you'd originate,

leave me alone as this space is all mine, I just hope that you wouldn't mind

Jumping to conclusions like a bunny hopping to their choosing,

jumping all the way to spring,

like a spring being easily pointed out in the mess,

don't blame me,

I'm trying my best,

as the wind blows, I follow until you made me swallow in your negative words,

"don't touch me or I'll stab you in the back,"

I say as I ran away to what seemed like the light but I was wrong ,

everyday, falling down, breaking down, falling apart,

why can't anyone help and stop this?

I leap onto a lift and brung me all the way to verano, soprano,

my ears listen until you beat me down,

hoping to see me during the summer,

"But that would be a bummer,"

I said before you made me cut the line that I drew with my time,

I wish that you weren't mine,

demon outside you dared to hurt me,

now I can't rest as everything you've done wasn't the best,

why must you hurt me?

I've done nothing to you,

all the pain and suffering,

all because of you

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