All around us water

All around us 

water embraces the world

from the mountains

slowly caressing it to the oceans

finding home in its depths.

sometimes it may disappear

ahh you think it would

but it never did

never had.

look around you,

it's in the air you breathe

it fills your lungs

it hugs your body with every movement 

it gives you spirit. 

You always forget it's there 

and only when the moon is full

you remember


It's been there before you

it will be there after you

it is there for you. 

Sometimes you can hold it

and in that moment

grasp it's life

before it quickly slips away. 

You panick because you can't hold on to it,

you grasp at it




and yet you can't hold it. 

But don't panic

it is all around you. 


Water is always changing

but it won't leave you

it will always touch you

you don't have to grasp for it 

so harshly. 

Just give it time

and it will appear again.


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