The All Around Genius

I entered your class and you said I should not be there.

It is too easy for you. Why did you take this class?

You were in Calculus not a day ago.

But you don’t understand.


I panicked, I couldn’t take it.

I am not that smart, but still you don’t listen.


You give me my first test back.


And all you say is

I thought you’d do better.


You know nothing.

You don’t know what I am not capable of.


You don’t know that my teacher for two years prior

Couldn't teach, we only ever sat there.

Watching him ramble on and on.

About the confusing problems.


All throughout it saying.

You learned this last year, you should know this.


But I had you as a teacher last year too.

And you said the same thing.

You never taught it to us.

If you did, you made no sense.


You were ineffective in teaching.

Because I forgot everything.

As long as I turned in work.

No matter if it was completely wrong, or completely right.


You still gave me



For two years this happened.

Because of that, I left Calculus.

And now I am faced with a genius.

Who asks why I didn’t receive a 100%.


You know nothing, you don’t understand.

I panicked, I couldn’t take it, I am not that smart.


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