All the answers in one caplse

I took you away the morning after
I brought you back in one dose
I showed you death
I showed you life
I took away your pain
I caused agony to your brain
I did what you said
I ignored the signs
I never gave up on you
I let go because you said so
I was created to kill
I was created to fight
I was created to knock you out
I hate you
You love me
You use me
You steal me
You listen to me
And not your self
You listen to the degree
You listen to lies
You listen to the easy part
The quickest fix
You listen to what you know from a child of acceptance
Where you lie in a bed
From months on end
Where love is a lie
Where truth is a concealed
And anger is revealed
Taught to shut up
Taught to numb
Taught to hide
Taught to listen
That love is forced
That love is controlled
That a child knows nothing
But to take a pill
That a child is silly
That a child lies
That a child is mute
That she has no way out
That if he brought her in this world
That he will take her out
That every scream is silent
That you'll never have a say
That threats are promises
Always to be kept
To take this tiny blessing
That I work for you to live
That if I wanna sleep it's the only way I can
If I don't wanna cry
Then take a double dose
If I wanna laugh
Then eat before I swollow
If I want to learn
Then take this before class
If I need to focus
Take it to see what's right
If I'm stressed and begin to itch
That stress doesn't exist
Your just tripping
Quit being a stubborn witch
Your moody again
Did you miss your dose
No one hurt you
Your just a kid
Nothing bad happens
Cuz your on meds
Are you angry I get asked on a daily
Whose the one to blame?
Not the ones took my innocence
Or my blood that shook me
Not the ones who touched me
Or fed me there fists
Not the blood who taught me
I'm a mistake and told me the answer is on my wrists
But the compressed dust
That studies show is a life long must
13 years down
Still engraved in my head
With out my processed friends I'd be dead
Your a grown woman who has been taught best
The reasons your blessed
Are in the blood test
You know it true
Your stuck being sad
So don't numb the pain
Just take the pill
There's a difference between
Taking the script
Then taking a pill
You can't enjoy life
Seeing you happy is not who your are
I'm your mother
I brought you this far
Not with the time I spent with ever
Not with the positive out look I cannot see
Not with the secrets I kept
But with plastic and pills
Thats your life
The key to living
That fact of whats right
I've never been so happy to see you with blue
The perfect example
I know is true
I'll always remember that you do something but just fail
I show you in my face
And the actions of not being there
I show I love you from acting like I care
I gave this pill so you shut up
And see everything I've done for you with a full orange cup
Cuz your a burden but the pills they hide
You nothing like me
That's why you I despise
Get out of this house
Cuz I can't kill you my self
Because your off your support
The one thing I love
The only thing our bond has
Is gone away
Mother and daughter
Different in every way
Cuz you want to see
Life in a different way
Because I see that you are strong
I said it my self that I don't want to get a long
Know when you feel and I do not
Cuz I'm stuck on these pills
And take it out on my daughter
Taunt and taunt
How can this be that I am wrong
It really doesn't matter though
Because she's a child
I've got things
And she got life
How can these pills
Tell me what right
I see the darkness
And she wants me to see the light
But I want what's best
For her to see
That I want more in common
That her blood in me
I love you megs
But you can't be right
I refuse to think
That you can fight
With pure blood
And no medication with in
Daughter teach me?
That's gotta be a sin

Mom can you see I love you forever
I'm as free as a wild flower
Growing from your roots
You taught me to speak
And to love to live
To be different and love
Everyone even if they sin
I'm just like you
Pretty and smart
I've got your eyes
That see what's right
Your arms keep me safe
I'll always keep you tight
You may not see it
But that's cuz your scared
But you taught be to be brave
And fly high
Even when you not there
Pills have all the answers
To quit when you can
To love some one for their illness
Like you did when I didn't care
You taught me to be happy
When I saw you alone
When you never gave up
And wanted to this I know
You taught me to pray from hearing you weep
To God to God
Hold my little one as she hurts
But momma he listened
Just not as you see
I know you love me
Please no freight
I am you
With a lesson learned
I'm the driver
I've taken a u turn
I know one day you'll see what youve done
Taught the strength of a rejected soul
That I can do anything
Because you told me so
You want what's best
Let the pills answer that
As the swirl down the drain
Leaving me a life with less pain

This poem is about: 
My family


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