All Aboard The Fast Motion Train


Back aches in the morning
Heavy eyelids and sore feet that drag across the ground.
Another day to waste away
Wishing I'd just die already
Mostly so late assignments become the past
And no one could ever say I failed or passed.

Car horns and sirens are loud on this awful day.
I don't think I can deal with people anymore.
Got a boyfriend that I don't want to care about
But how do I explain anything?

I just keep picking things up because I want to fill a void
That I don't understand what created it.
What was taken out of my life that I just can't remember?
Did someone wipe out my memory?
Or did I force myself to forget?
I wonder if it's even worth remembering.

These days go by pretty quickly now
But not quickly enough.

When will it be my time to board the fast motion train?


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