Alive At Last


She used to be happy

She used to smile

Now that happens

Only once in a while.

She doesn't get it

Doesn't see why

It's all because

He's changed her inside.


He acted so sweet

She thought he really loved her

All part of his plan to get her where he's got her.

He's inside her head

Says she can never leave

"Finally someone wants me"

And so she believes.


Another comes in

Sees the glass on the floor

The bloody hand prints leading right to the door.

Chairs knocked over

Clothes thrown around

There she is

Lying face down.


Feeble breaths

Her chest rises and falls

She's got her old smile on her face

As she looks down the hall.

"It's over," she says.

"I'm finally free."

"I've been waiting so long to come back to me."


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