alive and well

each day i wake up, i give my graces to all
i always stand tall
i enjoy all that life bring
everything is not all about researches on a site call bing
ability to walk
ability to talk
ability to see
ability to smell
ability to hear
i never take anything for granted
at any given moment, it can be stripped away quicker than a color person's freedom

i navigate my journey through many experiences
some are good, some are bad
i'm been very fortunate to still be alive, its all i need, its all i got, its all i had
life is too short to people to be mad
in this lifetime, we all live in this world one time
even when prices go up, i'll make certain to have cash and that one dime

life takes turn like a game of monopoly
just don't try to skip or you be landing in jail
too many people are imprison; so sad that it will raise a cat's tail
life provides clues and hints that embarks a trail
one must find their way to the promise land and make certain it doesn't fall off the tracks like a train and derail

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