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We waited and waited,
both too nervous to try.
She said she was ready,
so I thought; So Am I!
When it came down to it,
we realized the lies we told.
But it would be our secret,
to have and to hold.
One night things would change,
it began to feel strange.
She kept saying it would be okay,
but I knew we shouldn't stray.
I changed my mind too soon,
as soon as I felt her swoon.
I knew there would be punishment,
and she wasn't ready for judgment.
I begged and pleaded for another choice,
but it seemed I had no voice.
She had made up her mind,
but I was still in a bind.
We had created a life,
now it was close to being under the knife.
When she changed her mind,
my world became bright.
My daughter was born,
to her life I was sworn.
Her mother left us there,
holding onto nothing but AIR.


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