Age ain't nothing but a number


I guess it's just not meant to be,

I started out hiding the true me,

I really like you,

That's why  I called you boo,

You were my heart and still are, and it sucks that you're mad far

I should of told you the truth,

 Not make you my personal kissing booth,

You mean more to me then you know, and I try my best to show,

But I'm going to state the facts, and cut through the bull crap,

I need you in my life, and hoped for you to be my wife,

It's okay to be blue, but it's better when I'm with you,

We're two years apart, but don't throw my heart like a dart,

What we had was real, trust me you know the deal,

But it's time for me to confess, nothing more, nothing less,

I'm sorry for lying to you all along,

Even though I knew it was wrong,

It's okay if you leave me now,

I'll just respect you and bow...






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