Against Bullies

Sat, 03/22/2014 - 15:23 -- Ryuu842


Look around you

See the world on a child’s face

See the joy

The sorrow

The pain.

It’s etched in the eyes

They’re tired

Tired of fighting

The beatings

It deafening.

Can you see the pain at home

At school?

Can you see that it’s hard for them to get up today

Any day?

Children are being pushed around

Beat down

All around

I can’t stop it

No without help

Can anyone hear her

Going to church in a blood red clock

See the tears streaming down her face

Can you hear him running a hundred miles an hour

In the wrong direction?

Can anyone see

Does anyone know what goes on?

Can you hear me call

Call for help?

They are yearning

For affection they can’t find at home

They are settling for less than they deserve

They are pushed beyond repair

In places where they should feel safe

The children need peace

They need freedom

To be who they are.

I know

I’ve been pushed down

Beat upon

Had my emotions stolen away

No one had cared

No one saw.

I need help

To never have the generation after know this pain.


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