Since you left I have changed.

I feel like crying over every little thing,

I swallow tears when I drop a book

I haven’t said much to my friends lately

so in their eyes everything is fine,

but I can only keep this in for so long before, I explode.

Something is physically wrong with me,

I get fatigued after walking home,

and I lay in my bed for minutes on end heavily breathing,

and as I lay there I wonder what went wrong.

Everyone zones out but I feel detached at times;

the world goes on around me and I can’t move,

voices are underwater,

I’m stuck in my head and I do not want to be there anymore.

There were times when I got so angry I would sob,

Times I would stand in the shower with my head down

crying and singing sad songs,

but now I don’t think of it.

I feel so heartless and empty.

At least when I cried,

I knew what I felt.

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