After Hours (College)

I’m cold as ice

and I'm walking here all alone

eavesdropping on the stories of the trains and the tracks that they've traveled

audible only because they boom off the breasts’ of the mountains

resonating in the valley of children popping pills

drinking to get drunk and smoking lots of drugs

and sharing nothing more than fucks

They go about their day with what is supposed to be a smile on their face

Their emotions clawing from their eyes

They’re scared of this place and I am too

They say that we’ll find ourselves

But Instead I found you


And now we stay up late

And start the day with loving

Our arms around each other

Both of us filled with a constant wondering

Why her? How about him?

A thing growing more and more with each of our sins and our affections

The world blurs by and you’re the only thing worth my attention


They say that we’ll find ourselves but Instead I found you

I found bliss in your eyes

And wonder in your curls

Awe in your words and a whole ‘nother world in your head

But most importantly, I found love in your heart



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