Advice From An Unimportant Person

Im here to tell you a couple things.

1. Life isnt easy. 

It never meant to be easy.

2. There are always better people than you.

There will always be competition

3. There will always be people worse than you.

Dont let yourself get cocky.

As a young and new artist,

I struggle with thoughts of doubt.

There is doubt around every corner in my life.

I will never succeed, I say.

Things will never turn out for the better, I say.

...I pause.

....I realise.

That there are so many people that undermind themselves.

That think they're not good enough.

That don't give themselves the credit they deserve.

Why, as intellectual and tenchologically advanced humans, do we constantly feel this way?

Why does self-esteem lack in so many lives?

Where is our confidence?

I gain courage.

I will spread my confidence like a plague.

To infect every individual that I never give up your dreams.

Be a professional sports player

Be a brain surgeon

Be an artist.

Be you.

And never, EVER, give up.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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