She’s tired

of the miles and miles of paperwork that clutter her office

like a library who has lost its way

she swims and swims

attempting to free from the heavy load

only to realize that the library never even existed.



She’s tired

of the more and more excuses that explain but won’t dare justify

robbed of childhood

or should I say parenthood




she longs and longs for sweet sweet candy

so much that her Barbie dolls begin to suffer the same

and when that sweet sweet candy fails to reward

new excuses are born and the cycle continues.



She’s tired

of stacks and stacks of colorful black and white pages

that scream injustice silently and rape her of her beautiful flowers

so that she is not even a picked weed

but owned by the bees to be used as they please.

she is no longer her own.



Is she you?







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