You've always wanted to be a hero, an adventurer.

As a child, you probably had the fantasy of taking on some fantastic task or daring endeavor. 

Everyone, at least twice, has wanted to explore forbidden tombs and brave the harsh jungle terrain.

Everyone, at least three times, has wanted to be wrapped up in some sort of magical ordeal.

Everyone, at least four times, has had the desire to sail a ship and search for treasure.

But those things don't happen in real life. If they did, they wouldn't be as romanticised, either.

People don't really have adventures, they survive and do boring adult things.

The unspoken rule is to deny yourself any sort of fun because you are above fun.

When a challenge comes your way, your first instinct is to worry, to stress.

What would they do?

Most certainly not cower in fear.

Every setback is a challenge and every risk is an adventure.

Chase death and it will find you, run from death and you will gain nothing.

This is your story, this is your book.

This is your blockbuster movie, your video game with perfect graphics.

Take pride in what you do and try your best to be damn good at it.

Be epic, stay epic.


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