The Adoption Add

Wanted: new children to adopt!

Can be addicts, murderers, locked

Up in prison, I doesn’t matter to me.

Come as you are and I’ll be pleased.

I promise to watch over you and be your guide.

No matter what, I’ll never leave your side.

I will provide for your every need.

You can be certain I will fulfill this creed.

I’m willing to make all sacrifices

For you, willing to lose my life.

Because I love you more

Than anyone else has before.

Listen! I’m pounding on your door!

What are you waiting to let Me in for?

Please, I beg you! Don’t let Me depart

Tonight without accepting Me into your heart!

You can’t let this wait!

Tomorrow will be too late!

Tomorrow is Judgement Day.

I don’t want to send you away

To the place of Satan.

It’s hot enough to fry bacon

Down there! So come into my family tonight

So that I may give you eternal life.



Your Heavenly Father


For further information, consult The Bible or use the prayer line (toll free) at 1-800-SAVIOR. God will never put you on hold, and is always there if you need to talk.



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