The Actress Be Reckoned With


I have big dreams and goals for someone as quiet as I am, 
No one really believes in me, 
But can I really blame them? 
I've been an introvert most of my life, 
Although it was never by choice, 
It is who I am. 
There's this girl...
This woman inside of me, 
And all she wants to do us to be on stage. 
Dancing, laughing, singing and putting on a show for little girls and little boys with broken spirits. 
She wants to prove that anyone can do anything, 
Especially if they love it enough. 
Negativity, and pain will come, 
But no one can extinguish the fire that burns inside of you.
This woman wants to be heard, 
She is ready to be heard. 
And she will be. 
She wants to inspire, 
She wants to create, 
And she is ready to be born. 
The introverted girl is dying, 
And the outgoing, inspiring actress is ready to be heard, 
Once she finds her way, 
She will be a force to be reckoned with.


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