Act Like A Man!

By Tyree Jackson

I’ve bitten my tongue one too many times.
Tasting my blood of defeat.
But above all else, I wish I would just speak.
To tell him to shut the fuck up already.

And show him that I’ve tolerated his degrading uses
of the words, queer, gay, and fag long enough.
But every time I protest, it is I who tastes blood of

And locks myself in my room, to scream and cry
about being too weak.
He wants me to “act like a man.”
And to “grow a set of balls.”

Shit, why doesn’t he just clone me to be six feet tall?
And be a man without a job and no morals at all?
And brag to my homeboys about my sex life and refer to women as bitches.
Or to pick on boys like me—who he wouldn’t mind giving stitches.

And yet, he wants me to “act like a man.”
No, he wants me to be more like him.

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We all go through times in our lives when people, often people close to us try to change us, as you speak about in your poem, but we have to stay confident with who we believe we are because it will definitely make us happier in the long run.

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