The Ace of Diamonds

I am an Ace.

I am a card who is never in play.
This may sound sad, but I’m okay.
I’m not the player who went astray.
I was simply born this way.


I am of Diamonds.

I could feel the love like those of Hearts.
It may not last long and we may quickly part.
I’ve loved them as my friend from the very start.
To be honest, I prefer to appreciate the art.


I am Asexual.

It’s my sexual orientation.
Or rather for my lack of one.
I’m not deprived or mental.
I just don’t see what others see.


I am an Ace of Diamonds

I am asexual, I feel no sexual attraction.
—I’m not broken—
 No person is sexy, hot, or desirable.
—I’m not ill—
People are like pieces from a museum.
—I’m not unstable—
Paintings, sculptures, art; no artist around.
—I’m not fake—


I am a Grayromantic.

It’s my romantic attraction.
It hardly occurs, but I’ve had crushes before.
However these feelings are usually fleeting or I’m unsure.
I am gray, because romance for me isn’t black or white.


I am Ace. I’m of Diamonds.

No, I’m not looking for money.
—It’s an inside thing—
I don’t fit the quota for Hearts.
—A romantic orientation—
Romance is an odd thing to me.
—I can have romantic attractions—
I’m not opposed, but I’m not looking.
—It’s still so foreign to feel—


I am a Grayromantic Asexual.

How I identify explains how I feel.
—I’m not a prude for this—
What I experience is certainly real.
—I’m still human for this—
I’m quite happy even if it’s not the “ideal”.
—I’m not a plant for this—
But people feel these things I find so surreal.
—I am real—

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