The abusive relationship of Cancer


You hold my body at night so tight like your in love . But your just poison .
  You make me sicker everyday and there's no excuses for what your doing and who I'm becoming. 
You spread venom in my veins when no one would look , not only have you invaded my mind soul , but my body is what you took .  
I wasn't ready for this  , 
You were pushed on me without an option 
I'm trynna get out this relationship , cause I feel like shit . Cause you ain't shit . 
I'm fighting for survival cause you got me by wrist . Everyone keeps asking what would be my last wish . 
I wanna be freed from you , I wanna be cured ... You're taking away my life and you're making it yours . I will over come you no more of you will I ever need to speak . I'm stronger then you against me you are weak . Cancer in it's rawest form has over looked my body , but you cancer had mistook my body .. For somebody that wasnt a fighter . You made my days dark but my faith making it lighter . 


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