The Absence of the Curtain


Truth is... I don't know many things.

I don't know why I hide behind a curtain.

Peeking out from the sides in hope that I have an audience

Walking across the stage... just trying to remember the lines I was told to say.

But still I bask in the spotlight not even stopping for the sound of rejection and spite


I don't know why the rivers flow-

torrenting down a path of cobblestones and stumps

In an eternal pathway

but I still sit on the shore and dangle my feet in the water.


I don't know why the leaves change color.

From green to red... red to orange

Like a Chameleon

All to soon they will whither away to specks

and drift away on the wind

But still I jump in the leaf piles like the young boy I used to be


I don't know why I dream.

Visions that seem unfathomably real...

The sound of people laughing and carousels spinning

Only to wake up to the cruel realization that none of it actually existed

But still I lay my head on my pillow and think of faery tales and happier times


I don't know why I feel sometimes

Unnecessary wants and hopes

The ache of a loved one to realize...

they never loved you back...

The only thing you can will yourself to do is to curl up like a cobra

But still I try to loosen my grip and spread my wings


I don't know why there are clouds in the sky...

Marshmellowy puffs floating in the sky like a magic carpet.

Do they belong to the angels? Or are they the sun's demise?

But still I sit down on the grass and see the shapes of my imagination


I don't know why the flowers bloom...

The inner held back thought that they will shiver in the cold and freeze

The majestic colors of sunflowers, pansies and  lilys...

But still I take the time to stop and smell the roses


I don't know why I am living today.

Going about day to day.

Expected to cope with the unexpected and roll with the punches

The Absence of Pure Belonging

But still I take a deep breathe and learn to laugh again


One foot is out the door... eager

My other foot  waiting for the sound of

beautiful, harmonious  tranquility.


I am only human



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