about me


I am a daughter of divorced parents; one dead
I am a sister to a half brother and half sister
I also have two step sisters and a step brother
I am most often a third wheel and a shoulder to cry on
I am an artist who speaks volumes and a day dreamer who refuses to wake up
I am a queer feminist because I am gay and because women matter 
I am someone who wants to be better, not bitter
I want to change lives and minds and what you're having for dinner
I am a mountain that cannot be moved but I shake the grounds like quakes
I am a leader, a protagonist, and a twenty year old whose trying to figure herself out
I am sober; one month clean from the blade
I am a believer in those around me who think against me; who oppose me
I am a runner and a yoga enthusiast 
I am chubby; I hate my stomach but I love my thighs
But most importantly, I am happy

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