The Ability to Control

How could I stop? 

How could I just throw all those years away? 

Leave behind that little jewerlry shop? 

Act as if my characters don't have a say? 

I need to write. 

How will Harper Chance manage to return to a normal life? 

How could I just leave her to do it on her own? 

Won't she need my help to see her through this strife? 

To ignore this world I have been shown? 

I need to write.

How would I show my feelings? 

How could I manage without always having some way to vent? 

What person could live without some way to endure the mental beatings? 

Who would fix my life's dent? 

I need to write. 

Let's just face it, without my stories, I'd just flop. 

Everything would turn to shades of gray. 

My heart would stop. 

My sanity would not stay. 

I need to write. 


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