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Dear “teacher” 146.

You know,

I’m more than just student 999006901

I’m more than a test score,

I’m more than just a number,

I’m more than just a stat,

more than a body,

more than a brain,

You know,

I’m more then a seat that’s filled in this barren place where dreams go to die.

I’m more than a piece in this make shift puzzle you all put together,

more than a fish in the sea

or a grain of sand on the beach.

I’m more than a member of the plebian mass.

I’m SO more than the slack-jawed mouth-breather you see me as.

I’m a person.

I’m a waterfall of thoughts.

I’m potential.

I’m the future.

You disregard me.

You grade the paper, not the same.

You fail to sympathize with real issues and submerge into the system

You blindly follow what you’ve been told is right.

You by choice forget what it was like.

What adolescence felt like.

That would be wrong.

To sympathize.

That would cause problems.

To recognize that I’m a human being.

That I have problems besides school.

That I’m not much unlike you.

That I put my clothes the same way as you.

The only difference between student 999006901 and teacher 146 is that little black grade-book.

I’m more that just student 999006901.

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