7 Thing They Didn't Tell You About The Wicked Stepmother

7 Thing They Didn't Tell You About The Wicked Stepmother

Number 1

She is actually a nice person. That is of course before she was robbed of her happiness by society.

Number 2

She is just a mother. Most of us grew up with our mothers, and we know how much they care and love us. They always see the best in us and helped us fulfil our greatest desires. Why should this be any different from the wicked stepmother ways of raising her daughters. If her daughters want to grow up to marry the prince, who the bloody hell is anyone to get in the way of that.

Number 3

She has always dream about becoming a princess. Growing up the mother herself has always dream of becoming a princess. Living in a grand palace, with the real love of her life, helping her husband make decisions about important situations, but instead she ended up marrying a man who just died without leaving her with anything other than another child to raise.

Number 4

Why she didn't mourn her husband's death. Now tell me why she would want to mourn the death of that kind of person. The man that she barely knew. The man that paid her parent a huge dowry and then uprooted her from all her friends and family just to dump her in the middle of nowhere and then have the audacity to die on her.

Number 5

Fixing her mistakes. Okay it is quite obvious that she hasn't raise her two daughters to have the best personality in the world, but that is why she is grateful to have Cinderella. She has spent all of her miserable life raising her daughters in one way and they have turned out badly, so if she raised Cinderella in a different way maybe she will turn out better. Maybe she will come back to take care of her in her old days. She is just simply trying out another method of raising a child.

Number 6

Helped shaped Cinderella character. And let's be honest right now, most of her Cinderella character trait developed from the harsh treatment that her stepmother used on her. Without that Cinderella would have not have met her little animal friends. She would not have known how to cook. She would not have known how to clean. And most importantly, she wouldn't have met her fairy god mother.

Number 7

God damnit stop calling her the wicked step mother. Her name is Lady Tremaine.

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