7 Reasons Why I Can't Live Without My Parents

1.     Simply,

if my mother had not met my father

I wouldn’t be here today.

Regardless of the fact that I was an accident…

I can’t live without my parents.


2.     I was never not thinking,

Why is dad yelling? Why is mommy crying?

Being pushed into reality at the ripe age of 2;

That’s when I saw dad hit mommy.

That’s when dad left.

Not knowing what was happening

Rage building in my pure infant body untouched by the cruel truths of the world,

I yell at them...

“Stop Fighting”

And on that day,

I learned what courage was.

Years before I could read,

only barely able to walk on my own two feet,

I was standing up for something.

They teach me life lessons;

I can’t live without my parents.


3.     Mommy and Dad separated;

Soon divorced,

Mommy already knew Dan.

Frightened at first by the tall bald man,

I knew later I could trust him.

Few months later after dad hit mommy,

Dad tried to get me sent away.

Dad said mommy was on drugs…

I was almost gone forever.

Not knowing this meant no more mommy,

Lost in the system for years to come,

If it wasn’t for Dan...

I could’ve been sent away.

This once frightening man saved my innocence,

Protected me from what truths I still couldn’t understand,

I can’t live without my parents.


4.     Oblivious to my early years,

I continued to grow up not knowing what normal was.

There was no sign of the 50’s idealistic household,

No housewife,

No siblings,

No desk job working father.

Parents gone trying to support their mistake,

Yet I still never knew what hungry was.

I never knew what homeless was,

I never knew what not being loved was.

I can’t live without my parents.


5.     Mommy now on her feet,

Dan on her side,

I’m in middle school.

Already exposed to the hidden truths of the world,

I began trying to figure out who I was,

Constantly bitchy and complicated,

Not knowing what was going on,

I felt like my 2-year-old self again.

Wondering why mommy was mad at me,

Why Dan was mad at me,

Why dad was yelling at me,

Wondering why everything I did was wrong.

Mom taught me it was just hormones,

I began to calm down,

I can’t live without my parents.


6.     Dad started to get weird.

Instead of protected I felt scared,

Instead of thinking about cute boys and high school,

I was wondering when dad would get mad next.

When dad would throw something next.

My mom tried convincing me to move,

Scared to leave my lonely father.

I felt I had to stay with him,

Not realizing I was becoming my mother.

My dad told me the stories,

Dan and mom told me the truth.

I learned that year what abuse was.

Finally, as a freshman, mommy and Dan convinced me,

It was time to move out of dad’s house.

Secretly removing my belongings,

I move on to a better life

Since then I have not seen a bowl,



or piece of luggage pass me.

I can’t live without my parents.


7.     I know today not only is my mom my parent,

But regardless so is Dan and my Dad.

One teaching me about what’s what,

As the other simply shows me.

My Dad taught me to enjoy the little things,

Take my time,

Absorb information.

Dan taught me that living wasn’t feeling scared every moment of your life,

That you have to stand up for yourself,

To be responsible,


That no matter what,

I have a home and people who love me.

I can’t live without my parents. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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