7 C o L o R s

I write this in

shades of Gray

A color most fitting

for the words yet

to follow


The years of fear

of abuse as a child

The year I lost

the love for my father


For no less reason

I choose the  color green

It springs to mind

fonder times

Of youth and of tomorrow's



the color of later years

Of love, my wife

the lives that we share


Children we raised

now grown into their own


For all that has been

For what's still yet

to come


Black are the years

my youngest would suffer


His life, from age 5

only misery and grief


Autism as a child

Schizophrenia in

his later years


Countless E.R's

The hospitals

From birth to adult


The whole of his 

life taken


Before he had

the chance

to live it


Though he breathes

he's not the same

There's a part of him missing


We hope this will change

We pray he'll get well

We trust in the Lord

We trust in his will


It is in pure white

that I end this


It is his this light

that fills my sight

As it is in his blood

I'm redeemed


It is his light for me

So as I write

it is only for me

to see


As I enter into

these golden years


My life now come

full circle

I'm at peace

with my past

I have closure


This final thought

ends in purple


The color of his majesty

It reflects a new beginning

Of life that does not end


When it's time

for me to go

That time we all

must leave


I hope a smile

sits upon my face


To leave this world



In hope and faith

to see his face


To hear him him say;


''Rise my son, and follow''


To him I'll run

unburdened, free


I'll find I'm where

I've longed to be





© WordSmyth📜⚒J963♍February 3, 2023



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