5 Years


United States
41° 46' 24.8196" N, 72° 4' 13.8684" W

Looking in the mirror
Sadness stains her face.
Red lines cover her, making feelings fade.
They call her names.
The torment her.
The wall she has built is breaking.
She goes home to a world too adult.
Problems keep coming.
Voices echo threw her head.
Things are looking up.
Sheer joy is unfamiliar to her.
She should have never become comfortable.
She can't relax.
Her heart is racing.
Her breath is short.
Blood wells and flows.
She can breathe.
She is okay.
The phone rings.
An eerie silence fills the room.
They must go.
She stays there.
He's gone.
Everyone's broken.



This poem is fragment filled, simply put vauge story that to you the writer can mean so absolutely much. But as a reader, though it was beauitful and made me think of my own haunted past, I wish I had understood more of what specific events you were talking about. In the end I only completely understood after reading some of your tags, and I would love you give more hints, at least, within the poem so that other readers can completely understand the heartbreak and pain you were decribing in this poem. Give it a once over, fix any mistakes and add those in and I'm sure you can have a piece here that will bring people to tears.


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