5 Reasons Why I Would Do Drugs And One Reason Why I Would Never, Ever, Ever Do Drugs


It seems like you have to do drugs to write nowadays.

Maybe if I do drugs, I'll write a book as popular

As The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Or Naked Lunch.



If I did drugs, my social awkwardness

Would pretty much be gone.

No inhibitions? No problems!



I hate when people say,

Don't do drugs, or commit suicide

And always use contraception

Or you'll be a statistic.


I am a statistic no matter what

No matter what I do at all

Even just existing

Makes me a statistic.


Because that's the world we live in.



I'd cope with the world we live in!

I'd cope by altering my mind

Changing my whole life

Just to forget-



I don't know where I'm going in life

I used to want to perform

I still love performing, but so much of it

Goes against my morals, performing for


Rich perverts in suits and ties

With stacks of bills to hide behind

Hide the fact that they're plastic

Performing for those people.


I don't see as much future as I used to.

This is why teens are reckless, they can't

See a future to save brain cells for, I can't

See a future to save brain cells for!



I don't want to lose myself

The only child that cried in Life Ed

At what those drug addicts could've been

That child that said they would 


Never, ever, ever do drugs.



I don't want to lose the girl

That's still in there, the person

Who hugs their parents, the person

Who still loves, who still has hope


Who has thoughts about the world, thoughts to share

The girl who wants to share this poem with you.

I am not losing myself to a substance. 

That is all.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



this. is freaking amazing. i dont even think i can begin to understand how you managed to create such a work of art with words. but you did it. all you had to do was tell people what you are never willing to give up. stay just the way you are, no thing that you can touch will be worth changing for, now a bond,a friend maybe but not a subsance, well done well written


THANK YOU!!! Your comment makes me so freaking happy!! Such a work of art?? Really?? It just kind of came up in my brain on a car ride haha. My parents found a couple scrap pieces of paper, because I hadn't brought a device with me, or a notebook. I'm so happy it reached you like that!! I'm grinning like an idiot right now. Thank you for liking/maybe understanding?? my thoughts. Do you think I could perform this as a slam one day??

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