5 mintues


its that time of class when your books are stacked on your desk and they have been there for 5 min. already

your eyes have been glued to the clock and your friends start to get ansty.

you dont hear what home homework because youll get it later .

its your final chance to be free . to run down the halls and gossip with your friends .. its your two and a half mintues of free time .. and you swear its only one mintue left of class and the teacher preoclaims 'FIVE MORE MINTUTES " 

and you sink in your already warm chair , you start to stare out the window 

becuase you swear you can hear the kids at the play ground. 

and you try to find them .. but the class nerd askes "what about last nights home work" 

and your eyes fill with fury and before you can react the techers says "sorry guys class is over" !!! and you JUMP UP HEARING THE NOISE OF YOUR CREW .. IN THE HALLS AND the teacher says . " lets wait till the halls clear out ' the only thing you can think is F#UCK LADY !!!! 



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