5 Arrows


 I was given a bag
With 5 arrows inside
A bow in my hand
And a whisper, "Now hide"
My heels leave the Earth
I did not hesitate
Open fields stretch before me
Increasing my heart rate
I lag as I realize
Just how little I know
What am I running from
My pace begins to slow
Just then a creature
Lurking beyond a few trees
Writhing in stench
I grab an arrow with ease
The feathered spear leaves my grasp
'Fore I have time to aim
Still it pierces the demon
This is surely no game
I tremble and shake
Rising in me is fear
Expecting another fiend
I ready my spear
As I round a great Redwood
Steadying each step I take
Fear becoming excitement
Making me more awake
Suddenly a great beast
Expecting me unprepared
Rises from the ground
My arrow flies through the air
Collapsing so heavily
For another clean blow
Takes a second life today
Causing excitement to grow
Overconfident I seem
This feeling I did fairly earn
Suspicion soon slips away
From this I will learn
Not to be unaware
Any moment, any hour
For a demon snuck upon me
Ill intentions, to devour
Fortunate I was
To be blessed with the speed
Of one thousand fiend creatures
This moment I did need
'Fore this demon could harm me
I soon grasped my spear tight
And released it so quickly
It produced a faint light
Black ichor then spewed
Left my clothes slug and wet
Easily ignoring this complex
The time for worry is not yet
2 arrows are left
3 demons are dead
The sun starting to set
The sky turning to red
Confused is my state
As I wonder through wood
Darkness setting upon me
To seek shelter I should
But no shelter is seen
Only swamp and wood-lands
I ball into fists
Creating cuts on my hands
Not long do I realize
Up ahead that I see
Is a monster for certain
It is not a tree
I ready my arrow
And steady my wrist
As I close on the monster
His body begins to twist
Without any thought
I let the arrow fly
But this time is different
The beast does not die
I gasp as I see
The monster is not hurt
My body is frozen
As if i'm dug into dirt
Without hesitation
The beast spun on its feet
Ferrociously starring
As I am his treat
Only one arrow left
My nerves increasing within
I must make this shot count
For this could be my end
I aim and I shoot
Then close my eyes to wait
How could such a small thing
Have power over my fate
Soon after I see
That the monster is dead
Laughter arises when seen
A perfect shot to the head
I walk with proud steps
Confidence in my stride
Though still careful and aware
I expose my pride
Taking into account
That my arrows are gone
I remember my mistake
For there should still be one
Fear returns to me quickly
As I await number 5
How long from this moment
Will I still be alive
I have spoken too soon
Here out-steps a beast
Far greater than the others
Eyeing me as his feast
Instinctly I reach
My arrows no longer there
Lungs beginning to tighten
I struggle for air
I see now so clearly
I am surely to die
Until that fate is fulfilled
I must at least try
I steady my breaths
And ready my mind
After a moments search
Strength I do find
I charge at the beast
With undeniable speed
If I cannot kill him
I'll at least make him bleed
Still running I realize
The beast is no longer here
That same whisper returns
Tickling my ear
My mind buzzing so loud
Sense I cannot make
Then the whisper speaks clearly
One word, "Awake."


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