46 Minutes by Sheik

 7 Am in Germany, I think of this stash like the book of Eli. I never met a (E) that lied. I believe in Excellence and Elegance livings.. You'll be sitting before you come across a gas tank on E! You can't dedicate your winds like this vehicle! No AMG!.. It's a pagani how it lifts.. Wide body with the slim waist no model chick unless you modeled it.. Commercialized business you love the false information. I spoke facts like the dictionary people still ain't believe me! Slogan for days how you'll copy my drift.. Dancing flowers when my daughter arrives Italian heavens God Dawgs whisperin' speaking that spiritual love.. You haven't slept inside a box with no windows airless how this beast breathe! Bane mentality Optimus Prime actions.. Roll Out 46! Cybertorian Stash in Danger. No more rescues like life-savers all gummy the floaties were chewable. More rubber it's risky to get caught nor plastic can suffocate the neck like breathing. What is more important when you 46 minutes away from your dreams. Its timing until the classroom starts call class within rooms all papers with a few colors all markers. 4:00am in the morning, Siclia italy is peaceful the world only record you when you aren't telling the truth.. always seen the favor with the rights of forgiving. Nobody sees the stars like space unless eyes are real instead planet sparkles.. who's looking at us when we are not worried about the less and confused.


- 10:46 am  

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My family
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